Hobart Ukulele Group – HUG

Welcome to HUG – Hobart Ukulele Group! This is where our pics & vids, and other bits & bobs, reside. Our songsheets are accessible via a members only website here.

Who is welcome at HUG? Anyone and everyone! We’re hearing that some beginners are advised not to join HUG because they’re “not good enough” and “will stick out like a sore thumb”. This is 100% NOT true. This is what a couple of HUGers have to say…

From Val…
I hear that some folk are reluctant to come to HUG for fear of not being “good enough”.  I’d really like to encourage them to come. I knew one chord…C…when I came the first time. I had such a great night I couldn’t sleep when I got home. I just played every C I came across and sang along. Each week I managed to do a bit more. Having all the music HUG supplies was fantastic as there are some really easy songs. The main thing I hope new players are clear on is that HUG is super relaxed and no one really knows whether or what you’re playing. It is great fun. I’m happy to turn up with anyone new, I certainly won’t be intimidating as I’m very much a beginner too. Thanks for everything.

From Gene…
As a carer I was dragged along to HUG on Mondays. After listening to the music being played for six weeks, I decided to take up playing the ukulele. After I attended two learn-to-play lessons, I attended my first HUG nite as a player. I could only play 4 cords (C, G7, F, Am). I joined in on songs where I could. No one really noticed or didn’t say. After attending for six weeks I can now play 13 cords and join in on most songs now (unless i don’t like it). I have found everyone there is happy to pass on their knowledge to help you improve. It is a fun and enjoyable nite without any pressure to be a star player. Everyone is there for the fun of playing, it is a great nite of fun and laughter.

p.s. I have also attended a HUG gig which was very enjoyable and rewarding (seeing the joy on their faces)

HUG (est. 2007) is a friendly group of happy ukulele playing enthusiasts from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia that meets every week for a couple of hours of FUN! There are no membership or joining fees or charges so, if you’re in Hobart, why not come along and join us? All you need is…

  • a uke…from $25 at all music shops
  • a smile…obligatory!
  • to let your hair down…advisable!
  • and your inhibitions melt…unavoidable!
  • and have a rollicking good time…inevitable!

Everyone from newbie to expert is welcome, including travelling ukers.

every Monday, 6:15(ish) to 8:00(ish) pm
Upstairs function room (or beer garden depending on weather & upstairs bookings)
Republic Bar & Cafe, 299 Elizabeth Street (cnr Burnett Street), North Hobart


8 thoughts on “Hobart Ukulele Group – HUG

  1. Wow Ginger, you are one amazing Lady, well done, the new HUG web site is a credit to you. Thank you. Ronnie Darby


  2. Fantastic, Ginger — what a great site. You’ve done an absolutely magnificent job. Makes me proud to be part of the uke mob!


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