2007 vids

Filmed November, aired December 2007 – ABC TV’s Collectors Christmas Special

Our segment on the program was to be filmed “sometime” on a Thursday in November. Consequently only 5 HUGgers could participate due to work commitments of the majority. Then came the bright idea that the uke class of one HUGger, Adam, could help ‘pad us out’. The ABC advised a maximum of 10 students only but Adam said “all or none”! The ABC relented so the entire uke class of Margate Christian School came along. They didn’t actually ‘pad us out’…more that we provided ‘wallpaper’ for them! I promise we make up the back row (picture proof under 2007 PICS menu or here). The camera simply loved the kids and they totally drowned us out…except for our kazoos!! But it was great fun and the kids were brilliant and everyone enjoyed the fantastic experience. The show went to air across Australia on ABC TV, on Sunday 23 December 2007. (PS…the back of Adam’s head can be seen keeping the kids on track throughout the video)


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