Performance songs

One thing I really love about HUG performing is the range of abilities amongst us from the two Bruces down…must be something in the name Bruce? The fact that we’re a community group, not a professional ensemble like UOGB, means that wherever you are on your ukulele journey you can enjoy delighting a crowd.

However, this is precisely why the choice of songs is very important. Not being a professional ensemble and with such a range of abilities we’re not likely to engage an audience to sit attentively and applaud politely at the end. We need to enthuse an audience into participation…whether that be dancing, singing or clapping…or all three! Our best audiences have been those that participate in some way. And when the audience is enthused…like the girls from Sydney at MONA…it gives us a real high and we perform better.

So I guess what I’m saying is, when choosing songs it’s important to think of the audience and what they will respond to. Not just personal favourites or songs we find easy. And if you find certain chords a bit difficult, it’s really easy to bluff…by air playing, tapping your uke like a drum, or whatever takes your fancy. Do it with aplomb and it will appear ‘meant-to-be’! And always remember, however new you are to ukulele you’re way ahead of probably 99% (or a high % at least) of the audience.

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